Getting Over The Hurdles

Well, we survived Gaelic football practice. It wasn’t easy, and there were lots of water breaks, but we survived. Holy cow was it hot. I know there were a couple times where I had to sit down or I would of had to be carried off the field, and Jake says that he fared pretty well (on Fridays the boys practice separate from the girls). Some didn’t, but the heat gets to you very quickly. I thought I would do better, honestly, because I like heat. But this heat is like what you feel if you point a blowdryer at your face and just keep it there. Eyelids. Melting. But enough about the heat! The game itself is really fun. I don’t think I’ve had to drop a ball from my hands and kick it since my days playing soccer in second grade in Keswick, and the first time I tried to do it I totally just missed the ball. Merp. Carry on! I felt kind of bad because I didn’t want my coaches to think I wasn’t in shape when I sat down, because it wasn’t even a matter of being in shape. It was the heat! Okay, sorry. I’m done! I just know I’ll be stocking up on coconut water from here on out!

On Sunday we have a PD day and on Monday students come! As I have said before, I am the most prepared I have ever been in my entire life, and I think it will make me an even better teacher, so that helps. Jacob is nonchalant as ever about it, and I think he’ll enjoy the little ones. 

Merp. I’m tired. We are going to sleep so gooood tonight. But first, Iranian food! Until next time…


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