Week 2

With week two in the books and school starting next week, the tensions are rising. Jacob seems to be adjusting well to teacher life and has begun to see the benefits of adopting the practice of a nine o’clock bedtime. Today was our open house and we met several students. The girls are all so tiny and talk so fast, and the dads are serious and distant, and the moms are gorgeous. The girls make me a little leery when they say “I love American teachers! They are so fun.” I’m not really sure what you are considering to be fun, so we shall see come Monday if you think I am fun or not.

We start playing Gaelic football tomorrow, and we are NOT looking forward to the workout in the sun, but I am looking forward to the workout. Not the sun. It is consistently 115-ish, so we are working out in the morning and drinking lots of water.

Traffic has picked up horribly since school has started at some schools. I mean, it is atrocious. I don’t understand how there are so many cars in such a tiny country. Or how an off ramp can fit three cars wide, but it’s meant for one. We are thinking about renting a car, so that will be an experience. Or something.

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